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How well do you know yourself?

I wonder if you know or recognize yourself or do you have feelings of being lost? Some people call this as being your "sense of self" and this can be simple things like knowing how you like your eggs, your favourite colour, tastes, likes and dislikes. It can also be your fears, your good points, whether you are sociable or a loner. Whatever it is knowing your sense of self is accepting yourself. It's a little difficult to comprehend but let's put it like this. Imagine a ball bearing, a small ball bearing, it's nothing fancy, it's strong, it's a little bit shiny but it's a ball bearing, it know what it is, it is solid on the inside and it's a ball bearing. It's happy being a ball bearing and it doesn't want to be anything else. Sometimes through experiences of being alone or with other people we do lose ourselves in life and we don't know who we are. Taking time to listen to yourself, your needs and your wants can really help here. If you drink coffee or tea - ask yourself the question "do I enjoy drinking this?" or is it something you've copied or got into the habit of drinking. "how do I like my eggs - I always have them poached but I've never tried them boiled or fried, maybe I'll like them more" and "I'm always the victim.....why is this and what can I do to change this". Have a true sense of self is empowering and confident building. Hypnotherapy can help you find yourself again if you've got lost along the way.


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