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Hypnotherapy and Reflexology


Helping you to move away from any issues that are holding you back from living the life you want to.


 In Hypnotherapy we work out how to solve issues you may have, these could be anxieties, habits, stress, weight loss, smoking and many more issues.  We do this by talking to your subconscious and you will be relaxed into the trance state to do this.  The trance state is a totally natural state that you are in every day when you are half awake and half asleep when you wake up in the morning or go to bed at night and this state is where we can talk to your subconscious and in your subconscious is where all your "learned" habits and issues are.  

Female Hypnotherapy Patient

Benefits of Reflexology may include:  relief from stress, anxiety and tension  Improved mood.  Improved sleep.  A general sense of well being.


In Reflexology our feet are divided into zones relating to the parts of the body. Using gentle manipulation with my fingers I work along every area gently massaging and releasing any blockages giving the client a wonderful relaxing treatment


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