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How well do you know yourself?

I wonder if you know or recognize yourself or do you have feelings of being lost? Some people call this as being your "sense of self" and this can be simple things like knowing how you like your eggs, your favourite colour, tastes, likes and dislikes. It can also be your fears, your good points, whether you are sociable or a loner. Whatever it is knowing your sense of self is accepting yourself. It's a little difficult to comprehend but let's put it like this. Imagine a ball bearing, a small ball bearing, it's nothing fancy, it's strong, it's a little bit shiny but it's a ball bearing, it know what it is, it is solid on the inside and it's a ball bearing. It's happy being a ball beari

How to get a good night of sleep.

We've all been there for years maybe sleeping well and all of a sudden you're not sleeping and this could be for many reasons. Are you anxious about something? What is on your mind? Are you comfortable or do you need a new mattress or pillow? Is your partners incessant snoring bothering you? Are you unwell and need to see the Doctor? Sleep is so important for body and mind so it's important to get to the cause of your sleeplessness. If you're concerned about something then it's your minds way of keeping you awake so that you sort whatever it is out but that's not always easy so you become anxious and therefore not able to sleep. We get into a pattern of thinking over and over again a

How to deal with big changes in your life

Some people say that "we don't like change" but lots of people thrive on change too. When changes are something out of your own hands i.e. redundancy, an unexpected birth, death, moving home, divorce or illness, we all deal with these things in different ways. Change can be difficult but how you deal with change comes from your own point of view as to how you deal with it. We are all totally different and how one person deals with a bereavement is different from another. Some are able to "move on" quicker than others. The re-assurance you can have is that whatever has happened to you, has probably happened to lots of people and the best way of dealing with change is to talk. Talk to fri


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